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Woman with eyes of gold 

Woman with Eyes of Gold is a ceramic sculpture made in honour of Anahit, goddess of wisdom, fertility, love, healing and water. She has been a staple in Armenian homes since pagan times, her transformation due to the introduction of Christianity and it’s attempt to reform and assimilate the people’s way of life. Ancestors then started creating stylized clay salt-cellars in the shape of a pregnant woman; her hollowed belly filled with salt, a sacred ingredient to bless the home and bring abundance.

This piece is about the rediscovery of the art and history of my people; Anahit coming up time and time again as the embodiment of femininity; a personal symbol of rebirth, strength and female empowerment.

Creating themes of opulence and grandiosity as a way to mimic the richness, beauty, depth and mysticism of my culture, I try to showcase striking imagery meshing past and present.


Terra Cotta, 

15'' x 24'' x 43''

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