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Make on Repeat is the concept of constant creation and cyclical exploration of curiosity expressed in the continuity of countless forms.


In other words, I love making things.

About my art

My name is Alyag, a cabinetmaker by trade and visual artist in practice, I thrive within the third dimension. Beginning by creating a framework of measurements or challenges, I then explore, expand, and play with these set limitations. Seemingly mundane actions and items are broken down and subsequently built up into works that mirror the interconnectedness of life and all of us within it. My art walks hand in hand with my own path of self understanding. Using mediums such as wood, paper, metal, ceramic, painting, photography and whatever else I can get my hands on, I seek to adorn and interact with the body and invite healing within that space. Repetition, improvisation and accretion becoming dominant themes, I relish in curating an all-encompassing sensorial experience.

about me 

A multidisciplinary artist based in Tiohtiá:ke/Montreal, I have been exploring different facets of the arts for as long as I can remember. Throughout the years, I equipped myself with a BFA from Concordia University, a DEP in cabinetmaking from Rosemont Technology Centre, and an accumulation of mentorships, workshops, volunteer work, pop up sales, apprenticeships, assisting and collaborating with other artists, publishings, curating, residencies, solo endeavours and a desire to connect and tell a story. I bring these abilities to my position on the Board of directors at articule and my work building sets for television and film where I continue to grow and learn. Make on Repeat is simply the agglomeration of everything, slowly taking shape. 

Artist's CV

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