Make on Repeat is the concept of constant creation and cyclical exploration of curiosity expressed in the continuity of countless forms.


In other words, I love making things.

Artist Statement

Malkhassian is a multidisciplinary artist who's obsessive tendencies have developed into minute, ornamental accretions exploring identity, story telling and the merging of craft and art with the body. She has exposed in places such as Aussenwelt collective, ArtGang, YES, ArtsAlive!, CTRLLab Gallery, VAV Gallery, Matahari loft, Concordia Armenian Cultural Association as well as being published in Yiara Magazine, Jerusalem Art History journal, Etiquette Magazine Vol 001 and HyeBred Magazine Vol07. Has curated her own art show, Creative Flow, with twenty artists and musicians from diverse backgrounds; she apprenticed and assisted multidisciplinary artists exploring varied facets of the practice such as working with a cabinetmaker, an art educator and commercial ceramic studios. She has collaborated with Special FX Makeup artists, photographed events, tailored costumes and aided in props for Independent films and productions. Malkhassian has also done a multitude of Pop ups where she sells handcrafted jewlery.  She is an active board member of Articule, an artist run center dedicated to social engagement of marginalized folks and experimentation within the art world, has completed a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Studio Arts at Concordia University, and is currently attending Rosemont Technology Center in cabinetmaking graduating Spring 2021.


Alyag Malkhassian is a multimedia artist based in Montreal and the creator of Make on Repeat who's goal is to build an all encompassing art practice/experience.