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Make on Repeat is the concept of constant creation and cyclical exploration of curiosity expressed in the continuity of countless forms.


In other words, I love making things.

About my art

An artist and cabinetmaker by trade, I am an avid collector of objects and skills. I thrive within the third dimension and in seeing materials differently. I begin each project by creating a framework of measurements or challenges, I then explore, expand, and play with these set limitations transforming my collections into sculptures. Seemingly mundane actions and items are broken down and subsequently built up into works that mirror the interconnectedness of life and all of us within it.


My art walks hand in hand with my own path of self understanding. Using whatever I can get my hands on, I seek to adorn and interact with the body and invite healing within that space. Repetition, improvisation and accretion becoming dominant themes, I relish in curating an all-encompassing sensorial experience.

about me 

A multidisciplinary artist, I have been exploring different facets of the arts for as long as I can remember. Throughout the years, I equipped myself with a BFA in Studio Arts, a DEP in cabinetmaking, and an accumulation of mentorships, workshops, volunteer work, pop up sales, apprenticeships, assisting and collaborating with other artists, publishings, curating, residencies, solo endeavours and a desire to connect and tell a story.


I brought these abilities to my position on the Board of directors at an artist run centre working in the HR department and completing other administrative tasks as well as my work in building sets, decor, special Fx and props within the entertainment industry. 


I now work as a prop maker; on creating custom creations for clients as well as teaching workshops, mentoring and doing voice over work alongside growing my budding youtube channel.


Make on Repeat is the agglomeration of everything, slowly taking shape. The name encompasses everything I do, will do or ever dreamt of doing. It quite literally is MOR building on top of itself and giving space for what might and will be...on repeat. 

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