Make on Repeat is the concept of constant creation and cyclical exploration of curiosity expressed in the continuity of countless forms.


In other words, I love making things.

Artist Statement

Alyag’s work engages with ideas of cultural practice who's obsessive tendencies have developed into minute, ornamental accretions exploring identity, story telling and the merging of craft and art. through multimedia techniques, including ceramic, metal, wood, drawing, 3D paper and print she references traditional artisanal work as a way to connect and reimagine her lineage. Malkhassian is currently exploring form and its interaction with the body; protection, pattern healing and accretion. The meditative aspect of making through repetition and mundane action, have become a symbolic representation of the interconnectedness of life.


Alyag Malkhassian is a multimedia artist based in Montreal who after completing a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Studio Arts at Concordia University, started a DEP in cabinetmaking  at Rosemont Technology Centre ending in 2021.


As well as having exposed in places such as Aussenwelt, ArtGang, CTRLLab Gallery and VAV Gallery; her work has been published in Yiara feminist Magazine, Jerusalem Art History journal, Etiquette Magazine and Hyebred Mag. She has curated her own art show, Creative Flow, featuring diverse artists and art practices. 


Malkhassian's practice continues to grow as she is a current member of Articule, where she volunteers in various committees gaining administrative and fundraising skills. She has also apprenticed and assisted multidisciplinary artists exploring varied facets of the practice such as working with cabinetmaker Micheal Carrola, art educator Dierdra Potash and commercial ceramic studios Mosaica Designs and Pascale Girardin.


Throughout her art career, Jewlery making has been a foundation of her commercial work. She has done multitudes of POP Ups such as Articule's Bazar Bazaar, One Undone Store's Mindfulness workshop, Yes What the Pop! and La Jungle. 

Malkhassian's goal is to become a well rounded artist and resource. 


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