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Ghost Of Your Embrace

Ghost of your embrace

Ghost of Your Embrace is a 2500 piece shin-length ceramic chainmail dress that is tied at the throat; it does not have holes for the arms becoming a cage as well as a protective shell for the wearer. This work is about the journey of acceptance, the healing of intergenerational pain and the paradox of life itself. These themes are shown in the 400 hours it took to bring this piece to life.

Each piece a nazar (evil eye) represents past traumas, stories, ancestors, knowledge and the vast kaleidoscope that is the human experience which links each one of us together. The point of the piece is to be worn and to be removed. Just like a weighted blanked, it gives us comfort but we must unrestraint ourselves and create new realities. The weight mirrors that of the one worn by our families, by our mothers. Once removed, the feeling of the piece lingers on the skin like a memory.


The wearer of this armour is naked, vulnerable yet protected within its constraints, we are cautioned to the thin veil separating us from the world and echoes that voluntary step into adulthood that moves us out of our past suffering and into the present.


Ceramic, Stainless Steel, Bronze,

2.5'' x 20'' x 47''

A short film named after the piece is in prost-production at the moment. 



Producer - Alyag Malkhassian

Videographer - Allison Figueroa Rojas

Dancer - Bettina Szabo

Sound - Kayla Shears

MUA - Raquel Paredes

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