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Crown of Ar 2 2017.JPG

Crown of ar

Every day we are faced with the choice of how we present ourselves, we curate our clothing, attitude, and so on to lead others on of our daily performance. Crown of Ar is an interpretation of that dance; emancipation becoming the pulling force that brought me closer to an image of representation that I felt yet did not see for myself.


Armenian headdresses, despite being worn by all classes, materiality was what set them apart; semi-precious stones and rich metals such as the ones in this piece were used only for the upper class. Bronze being extremely opulent, its brilliance needed to be felt throughout the work. The talons, counteract the docility of the crown and emphasize protection for our warriors battling invisible battles.


Known for their craftsmanship and weaving, even the poorest Armenian woman can create the most ornate fashions from everyday textiles. They have been the transmitters of tradition and culture throughout the centuries and are the backbone of our beautiful heritage. I wanted to create something that honoured such strong, skilled and often overlooked beings.


Steel,Stainless Steel, Bronze, semi-precious stone,

10'' x 11'' x 16''

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